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Discover Lexibox Market, a downloading portal that is entirely dedicated to learning for young children with over 1000 applications and games available!

There’s no longer any need to purchase new game cartridges at the store!

With the Lexibox Market, your child can directly download the latest Android™ games and applications from the comfort of his or her living room!

Amongst them, a majority of the applications are often free and educational, developed by Hachette™, Dada Company™ or Babybus™!

What about entertainment? Users will find the most popular games, such as Cut the Rope®, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots®, AngryBirds®, Star Wars® and many more!

You can therefore enhance your LexiBox® on an ongoing basis and accompany your child’s development based on his or her age.

Whether you learn or play, welcome to the LexiBox Market!

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