Discover the LexiBox®!
LexiBox® is the first Android™ TV educational TV console designed for 3 to 8 year-olds!


Much more than a game console, it is primarily a learning tool that is as fun as it is educational.

Two characters act as companions to the LexiBox®: Enzo the Zebra and Lili the Ladybug. Place one of them on the console and the character will appear on the screen within the educational activities to guide your child on the path to learning. Learning alongside a companion is so much easier!

Set it up in the heart of your living room as a true multimedia centre to read audio books, play music and watch your child’s favourite cartoons!

Activities for learning and entertainment

The LexiBox® offers educational game content and a universe that is specially designed for young users by our educational teams.

Numbers, letters, time and the seasons… Several activities that favour early childhood development while having fun!

A console designed for our youngest users

The LexiBox® features an intuitive, fully narrated interface that ensures total interaction with the child.

Its wireless controller is very easy to use and can be switched between right-handed and left-handed use.

Moreover, each child can create a personalised profile, thus giving parents the ability to configure the applications accessible to each child according to their age!

Multiple functions



Read E-books

Listen to music

Watch videos

View multimedia content

Download applications
26 fun, educational activities


3 activities to discover letters while having fun! Learn the alphabet and reproduce words in a really fun way!


3 activities to discover numbers and familiarise yourself with additions and subtractions!

Picture Book

Various themes to discover new words in a picture book that is both fun and funny!

Audio books

10 audio books and 3 interactive books to discover or rediscover great classics!

Twin Sisters e-books

Twin Sisters™ digital books in English that are perfect for building language skills!

Time and Seasons

3 activities to play with the weather, and discover the seasons and times of the day!

With parental consent!

A universe that is connected and digital while providing protection for younger users!

Logo_Lexibox Market Premium_V03_257

The LexiBox® Market only contains applications that are suitable for children, for endless fun and learning!

More info

Safe internet thanks to parental control

Use the parental controls to manage the console’s settings and the applications that are accessible to each child.


And what about multimedia ?
Discover the iStore by Lexibook®!

A large library of e-books, perfect for developing reading skills!

Also includes a catalogue of favourite children’s TV series, for hours of entertainment!

Save and watch direclty on the LexiBox®!

Technical specifications

LexiBox specs

  • Android™ system
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Connects to the TV via HDMI (cable included)
  • 108 GB of storage: 8 GB of internal memory + 100 GB free on the cloud Lexibook® by Hubic®
  • Wireless controller
  • Up to 2 controllers may be simultaneously connected (sold separately)
  • Micro USB port
  • USB port

Power supply

  • Main unit: AC adaptor (included)
  • Wireless controller: 3 x 1.5V AAA/LR03 (sold separately)

Required equipment

  • 1 screen with HDMI port (sold separately)
  • 1 Wi-Fi Internet connection to provide access to the LexiBox Market (provided separately)
Optional accessories
Additional wireless controller

For two-player fun! (check each game for compatibility)
Perfect for playing with friends and family.
For group learning in a fun, friendly atmosphere!

Bonus: an extra game is offered with your additional wireless controller!



HDMI adaptor

This device enables use of the LexiBox® if your TV is not equipped with an HDMI port.

Important Notes and Copyrights
ATTENTION! Not suitable for children younger than 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts.
The specific absorption rate value is below 2 W / kg.
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